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Four Seasons on Howe Sound

Photographs by Jay Tyrrell
Foreword by Karen Sinsheimer, Curator of Photography,
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Original poem With One Foot in Heaven, by Ulrich Schaffer
Stopdown Press,11 1/4x 17 1/4, 67 pages
Winner Silver Medal 2009 Independent Book
Publishers Award

You are welcome to download the PDF of this book free,
it is 9 mb in size. Hard copies of the book and the limited
boxed edition are available from Wall Space Gallery

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The sky can be large here,
it can reach your soul - if it has not been abandoned.
It has shaped mine into a prayer - it is easy to pray here,
not to a god of redemption or damnation
but to a god who plays in the clouds,
is articulate in the embrace and release of the wind,
and walk on the waves right onto the deck of my house
and from there into each room
in me.
~ Ulrich Schaffer from "With One Foot in Heaven"