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“Many ideas grow better when transported into another mind than the one they sprang from” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

I have been very fortunate to meet a great many creative and talented people along the way who have added their considerable art and ideas to my work. They have made my work better and fuller. I think it is important to recognize the people who have made significant contributions and to say ‘thank you’, here. So, in alphabetical order :

Bob Cornelis -

Without Bob’s contributions, not much of this would have ever gotten done. Whether it was scanning film, correcting files, building websites, or making the best prints imaginable, Bob has been my collaborator, teacher, friend, and the sounding board for my ideas for over a decade. We have sat side by side on every image finalization, tested every print, sometimes not agreeing, until we have produced an end we are both proud of.
Thank You.

John DeMerritt -

John and his assistant Andy Rottner have helped me design and build the folded objects and folio boxes for the Alone on a Sea of Solitude series, and for Wind Army. John DeMerritt is one of those vanishing treasures who is capable of creating unique and beautiful objects of art, literally out of whole cloth, board and glue. I have been very fortunate to have found him.
Thank You.

Michael Read -

Michael came into my life during the process of producing the Weather monograph, and was responsible for the design and helping guide me through the process of getting it printed and produced.

When it came time to do the next project, Wind Army, he again was my resource for design and to help me execute the ideas I had for this eBook.
Thank You.

Corrie Tse -

Corrie is responsible for the design of the website you are reading this on. I had decided that my original website was stale and dated and searched for a considerable time to find a designer who could bring my sensibilities and style to a fresh and up-to-date site, and who could create something that in itself is a work of art. She has also been the source of the creative logo and chop used in the Alone on a Sea of Solitude series.
Thank you.