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Atomic Mirrors

Atomic Mirrors | Image Series


What is your imagined universe? A place you have dreamed but cannot travel to? Atomic Mirrors is an exploration of a universe I have imagined and realized photographically.

Inner space still remains largely the realm of imagination. What would the inside of a molecule of glucose look like if you were a micro-naut exploring that landscape? Atoms of carbon might appear as orange fire, hydrogen blazing yellow, and oxygen a vivid green. Atoms of radioactive elements might look as cold as deep space, almost without color, their surfaces reflecting energy back into the universe. Would these atoms I have imagined mirror themselves in replication inside a more complex structure? Atomic Mirrors is my imagined universe of atoms combining, colliding and expanding. It suggests how they might be visualized to an explorer in this cosmos, who traces an evolutionary path and witnesses an elemental cycle of creation and decay.

You are welcome to download the PDF of this book free - it is 31 mb in size. Click here to download